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LendCare Blog | Is loan insurance worth it?
16 March 2020

Is loan insurance worth it?

Loan insurance can protect you and your family when something unexpected happens to you.
Autonomous Automobiles – An Origin Story...
23 January 2020

Autonomous Automobiles – An Origin Story

Using the resources of Cruise technology, GM has announced America’s first completely self-driving car – the fully electric-powered, Cruise Origin.
The safest and most eco-friendly motorcycle...
13 January 2020

The safest and most eco-friendly motorcycle - ever

Damon Motorcycles just won a Best of Innovation Award at CES 2020 in Las Vegas for its forthcoming AI-enhanced and electric-powered motorcycle. Damon Motorcycles have optimistically pronounced it as “the world’s smartest, safest and most powerful electric motorcycle.”
The zero-emission ultimatum | LendCare Blog
10 January 2020

The Zero-Emission Ultimatum

It doesn’t take Thomas Edison to confirm that electric-powered vehicles have far surpassed the theoretical stage. As the auto industry moves toward the ‘eco-friendlier’ initiative, that is zero emission vehicles, the fossil-fuelled alternative, might soon become obsolete.
When car thieves sent mixed signals | LendCare...
10 January 2020

When car thieves send mixed signals…

New vehicles have become more and more dependant on technical security advancements, designed to thwart car thieves. But, with the evolution of auto security also comes an ever-adaptive breed of criminals with new techniques to steal your vehicle.
The debt trap of credit card minimum payments...
10 January 2020

The debt trap of credit card minimum payments

At this point, I’m sure most people believe they fully understand how a credit card works. For those who don’t, a credit card acts as a line of credit up to a set amount, or limit. Purchases made with a credit card are usually subject to a certain interest rate and the cardholder is only obligated to pay 2% of their credit card balance off, per month. Sounds easy enough, right?

LendCare to be acquired by goeasy Ltd.

LendCare to be acquired by goeasy Ltd.

On April 12, 2021, we announced that LendCare has entered into an agreement to be acquired by goeasy Ltd. goeasy is one of Canada’s leading providers of non-prime leasing and lending services offering a wide variety of financial products that help put Canadians on a path to a better financial future.

We are excited about what this strategic acquisition means for LendCare, our employees, customers and our partners. We will continue to build on the incredible growth we have achieved to date and accelerate our growth strategy as goeasy makes investments in the LendCare business.

LendCare will continue to operate as it does today, so there are no changes to how you work with us. Our existing leadership team will remain in place and you will continue to work with the team as you always have, business as usual. Our teams will continue to provide the high level of support you are used to receiving.

Read more about this announcement.