29 August 2022


Schedules Conflicting? It May Be Time For A Second Car

For those who own vehicles, it can be hard to imagine going through your daily commute—or schedule of errands—any other way. But what happens when plans get crossed? Imagine more than one person relying on the vehicle for everything from groceries for a dinner party to getting to the big game on time.

One or two incidents are not unusual, but if it becomes a chronic inconvenience, it may signify that you need to consider a second vehicle. Aside from allowing your family to get to two different places simultaneously, there are more subtle benefits, like eligibility for multi-car insurance discounts—which can net multi-vehicle households up to 20% off their annual premiums.

Should you join the roughly one-third of drivers who own two cars? Here are a few factors that may influence your decision.

Opposing work schedules


COVID shook up standard work schedules, but with people returning to the office, it’s likely to become more apparent that you and your partner—who spent the last three years sharing a home office—now need to balance getting to and from your office with one vehicle. While a summer commute may not be as much of an issue, having one person standing in the blistering cold while the other gets to listen to the radio in a heated vehicle may start to create animosity.



Whether you’re enjoying a weekly soccer match with your buddies or bringing your children to art classes, one vehicle can have its disadvantages if extracurriculars begin to overlap or impede people’s ability to either get from point a to point b efficiently or juggle competing responsibilities, like appointments or shopping.

Lifestyle Changes


The only constant in life is changes, and for some, life, as you know it when you first purchase a car, is rarely what life looks like by the end of the lease or financing term you may have had in place. That could mean kids, a new business or simply a new living arrangement that has left your current vehicle too small to handle all your household’s needs.

New Drivers


When your kids reach their teens and start taking driving lessons, you can almost bet that they’re going to want to start taking the car out, whether it’s driving to school or taking their friends out and about on a Saturday night.

Are you on board with the idea or ready to at least ready consider the fact that you need a second vehicle? Don’t let sticker shock stand in your way. No matter your current financial situation, LendCare’s financing solutions and large network of partners can help get you behind the wheel.

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Get approved for financing today!

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