24 February 2022


Make the Most out of Family Outdoor Adventures with a Recreational Vehicle

There are so many ways to enjoy Canada’s beautiful landscapes. Navigating the terrain can be so much more enjoyable when you have a suitable RV (recreational vehicle) for your trip. With so many options out there, it can be challenging to know which type is right fit for you and your family. That is why we have created a brief guide that outlines the three main types of Recreational Vehicles: motorhomes, towable RVs and utility trailers (all of which are financeable through LendCare).


This style of recreational vehicle is the classic ‘motorhome’ that comes to mind. These units are self contained, meaning that you do not use another vehicle to move them.

Class A – This type of RV is large and comes equipped with a kitchen, living area and even separate bedrooms. They can also easily tow a vehicle behind them. Wondering what size RV for a family of 5? These spacious units are ideal for longer trips with a large family.

Class B – This style, also known as a camper van, has all the conveniences of home but in a compact size. This is ideal if you are planning on exploring harder to get to places because the smaller size is easier to maneuver.

Class C– These units are recognized by their over-the-cab space, often used as space for a bed. This model is a great mid ground between Class A and B. They are smaller than Class A, making them easier to maneuver but still have lots of room for your family.

Still unsure which motorhome is for you? Go RVing Canada has a quiz to help you select your perfect fit.

Towable RVs

Towable RVs are exactly as they sound, a unit that is towed by your family car, SUV or truck. These tend to be a bit more affordable than the motorhome style. There are a variety of towable options. The most common are:

Travel Trailer – This is the most common type of RV. These come in many sizes so that you can select the one perfect for your needs and towing capabilities. Travel Trailers can be used for short weekend camping trips or longer excursions.

Fifth Wheel Trailer – This unit must be towed by a pickup truck using a ‘fifth wheel’ hitch. They are one of the most spacious options available, accommodating many people and their belongings. This is an excellent choice if comfort is among your top priorities.

Toy Hauler – This versatile trailer doubles as both a living space and a means to transport your other toys (with a convenient ramp). Whether you want to bring ATVs or Snowmobiles, toy haulers allow you to enjoy both your journey and your destination.

Utility Trailers

Utility trailers are perfect for those wishing to simply haul their adventure cargo from point a to point b. These are ideal if you are doing a day trip or have alternative accommodation arrangements, such as staying at a lodge or hotel.

Enclosed Trailers – Also referred to as box trailers or cargo haulers, these towable trailers are completely enclosed meaning that they can be locked/secured. This is ideal for people who are staying over night some where and need the added security.

Open Trailers – There are many types of open trailers (such as landscape trailers, side rail trailers or open cargo haulers). These are typically lighter than enclosed trailers which means you can haul heavier equipment, such as a boat or multiple ATVs.

Horse Trailers – Finally, specialized animal carriers are the solution if you are looking to move a horse to a new location.

What ever adventure you envision, traveling with an RV is sure to enhance your experience!

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