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15 July 2020


LendCare launches new technology to accelerate point-of-sale financing for Canadian merchants and consumers.

TORONTO, July 16, 2020 – LendCare Capital, a leading Canadian point-of-sale finance and technology company, announced today the launch of their new online financing and origination platform, FrontLine.

FrontLine is a proprietary software technology designed to provide merchants and consumers with a flexible and mobile friendly financing experience, where transactions happen in real-time on the platform.

“Developing an online point-of-sale solution that was universally accessible by merchants and consumers was the next logical step to support our growing number of partners in the broad range of verticals that we support.” said Ali Metel, CEO, LendCare Capital. “Our platform will accelerate the point-of-sale process and better position businesses for growth, all while providing them with an innovative and customer-centric experience”. Ali Metel went on further to say. “FrontLine is an integral piece of LendCare’s goal in implementing what we perceive as Canada’s first national full credit spectrum single point-of-sale financing solution, giving merchants a true one-stop platform with a single technology integrated with a single lender to address financing needs from Prime to all the non-Prime credit grades, maximizing sales volume and eliminating the need to deal with multiple lenders.”

This tech-forward tool allows merchants to take their customers from ‘apply to buy’ within minutes, either in-store or remotely from any mobile device or computer. This includes the ability for merchants to integrate FrontLine application links into websites, QR code scans and shopping cart check-outs.

FrontLine comes with a vast array of features like; instant credit decisions, seamlessly integrated fraud detection, sales pipeline updates, lead management and the option to email or text unique links to customers, allowing them to complete their own applications remotely, from any device.

The FrontLine platform also allows for customized workflows, based on unique business or product categories, and will enable merchants to track credit decisions, monitor sales and receive payments, all electronically.

LendCare has been testing FrontLine over the last quarter with a select group of partners to great reviews and will now begin migrating the company’s current network of over 6000 partners across Canada to the new platform.

COVID-19 & Toronto Humane Society Fundraiser

COVID-19 & Toronto Humane Society Fundraiser

We understand that this is a challenging time for all of us, as we navigate through this new normal. While we are all impacted during this COVID-19 pandemic, we are maintaining a solid support system for your needs. At LendCare, we make it our priority to ensure that we continue to operate at full capacity and provide our partners and customers with the care they deserve.

Toronto Humane Society Fundraiser Information

We cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done to help animals in need. With your help, we have raised over $15,000 in just 4 days! We ask you all to keep the donations coming, and LendCare will match, dollar for dollar, up to another $5,000 for the Toronto Humane Society! With your support, we can reach $25,000 or more for this great cause.

Every dollar you give helps the Toronto Humane Society reach its $100,000 goal to cover the veterinary costs of pets that have been surrendered due to the financial impact of COVID-19.

We double-dog dare you to donate generously, and help us exceed our goal, yet again! No donation is too small.

Click the HERE to donate, directly to the Toronto Humane Society. We thank you in advance for your support!