8 November 2019


Does your dealership deliver on delight?

Regardless of what industry you’re in or what type of vehicles you sell, at the end of the day there’s hundreds, if not thousands of other dealerships who all sell the exact same products. So how does one stand out amongst such dense competition?

An AutoTrader study shared that 54% of consumers would make a purchase from a dealership that provided a positive experience, even if it didn’t offer the lowest price. The same study stated that 72% of consumers would be more inclined to visit a dealership if the buying experience was improved.

You’ll no doubt notice a significant trend here. Experience is at the top of consumers minds when it comes to making a purchase at a dealership. So much so, in fact, almost all of the consumers surveyed said they expect purchasing a vehicle to be a hassle.

Speaking from experience

Providing customers with a great experience right from the moment they step through your door all the way to after a purchase is made, will translate into increased revenue and customer retention.

Delighting your customers can be achieved in many ways. It starts with customer service and not allowing the sales experience to be a pushy, in-your-face nightmare. On a broader scale, some dealerships even have play centres that keep children entertained while their parents shop. Others offer specialized experience for customers waiting for their vehicle to be serviced, such as a variety of local coffees to try, along with snacks and charge stations for their smart devices. Some of the most modern dealerships have added on-site movie theatres to make for a more entertaining experience. The fact remains that positive experiences promote customer loyalty.

Customer attention = Customer retention

Capgemini released a report that found 87% of highly satisfied customers would purchase the same brand a second time and 85% would buy from the same dealer. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

In order to stand out from your competition, you must create a unique experience filled with delight - an experience your customer will remember fondly. By nurturing customer delight and making the experience memorable, you will be cultivating a lifetime customer. Always remember, retaining a customer is always less expensive than acquiring a new one.

Creating a customer experience tailored to their needs gives you an edge when differentiating yourself from the ‘other guys'. This has been proven to increase sales and customer retention every time.

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Get approved for financing today!

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