23 November 2020


The emotional stress of helping pets

When most people think of veterinary medicine as a profession, they assume it’s all adorable animals and pleasant pet experiences. However, a recent study conducted by the University of Guelph, paints a very different picture.

The study surveyed 1,403 Canadian veterinarians and revealed that many suffer from various forms of depression, anxiety, and emotional exhaustion. The study results are very concerning and make it clear that working in the veterinary field comes with its own set of moral stressors and emotional challenges. These challenges include long hours, burnouts, and dealing with death, almost daily.

While there are a great many stressful aspects associated with being in veterinary medicine, one common issue can be agreed upon by many in the field. This issue is the inability to help an animal due to the financial limitations of their clients. This is especially difficult when a treatment or procedure can be performed to help the animal, but the pet owner simply cannot afford it.

At LendCare, we believe that just because a procedure may be beyond a client’s budget, doesn’t mean that pet is beyond help. That’s why we provide flexible financing solutions built for veterinarians and their clients to help ease the financial burden of costly, yet necessary pet care services. We are invested in helping vets and their clients do what’s best for animals in need.

We extend our financing solutions to veterinarians throughout Canada, as a way of supporting vets, and making their services more accessible to pet owners. We offer low-interest and 0% interest financing options to help remove financial barriers that hold pet owners back from doing what’s best for their pets.

If you’re in the veterinary field, feel free to learn more about our services on our veterinary financing page , or email us at: [email protected] to signup at no cost, and let us help you, help more pets today.

If you’re not interested in financing, but wish to access some helpful resources tailored specifically to those in the veterinary field – the OVMA offers some enlightening information on the subject.

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Get approved for financing today!

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