14 February 2024


3 Marketing Trends That Can Make Or Break Results in 2024

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One thing that never changes is that marketing always changes. With the advancement of social media platforms, artificial intelligence (AI), and automation, marketers sometimes struggle to prioritize their efforts. However, teams need to keep up with marketing trends to stay competitive, regardless of technology.

As 2024 ramps up, a few key trends are becoming more critical than all the rest. Every leader, regardless of the business size (from large scale to small business), should be adding these three trends to their 2024 marketing strategies.

AI-Powered Personalization

AI systems can predict consumer behavior and personalize communication in real time for target audiences. With so many new AI tools launching in the past few months alone, the technology has become malleable enough to meet the goals of any business.

Amazon uses AI to personalize ads, boosting customer service and engagement among its customer base. This has largely made their operations more efficient.

SurveyMonkey study shows that 52% of people are interested in using AI assistants that can help walk them through transactions. Also, 47% of people want deals personalized by AI, and 42% enjoy getting product suggestions from AI.

What does this mean for different businesses? Car dealers can use AI to recommend cars and send personalized offers via text based on customer preferences. Veterinary clinics can use AI to send pet owners customized reminders, making customers more involved.

In 2024, businesses will aim to make real money from adding AI into their plans and begin to see long-term returns on their investment. Using AI creatively will be crucial in shaping how teams stand out from rivals in the future.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Businesses today need to think about their effect on the environment and how they help society. Research shows that 78% of shoppers think it's important for companies to be sustainable. Over half are willing to pay more for products from environmentally conscious companies, which is even more intriguing.

Sustainability is about protecting the environment for the future, like being careful not to damage the place you're visiting. When companies use less, recycle more, and find ways to not waste resources, they're being sustainable. This is something customers look for when choosing which brands to support. Social responsibility is about a company doing good things for people and the community. This could be treating workers well, helping out in the community, or supporting important social issues.

When a brand values these things, it can make people notice, creating a positive feeling for both customers and workers. Simple actions, like switching to digital invoices or helping to plant trees, show a commitment to these values. Companies that prioritize the environment and their communities can thrive and make a lasting impact.

Content Automation

Content automation is extremely important for businesses today. It makes work easier and helps make sure that what businesses share online (from social posts to blog posts) is always interesting and relevant. Like a system that finds and shares content with specific people, without your team doing anything. Using content automation means you can keep people interested and engaged while saving a lot of time. You can then use this saved time on more specific tasks, like coming up with new ideas or strategic planning.

One McKinsey study found automation saves around 30% of the time typically used for creating and sharing content. However, it's not just about saving time; automation helps make sure that the content is always new and engaging.

Two automation tools used by numerous global brands to distribute content are HubSpot and Marketo, for example. Hootsuite and Buffer are other examples, often used for drafting and scheduling social media posts. No matter the platform or scale, the goal remains to tailor the content to fit different people's preferences.

Plus, keeping track of what works well and what doesn't provides incredibly useful insights on how to make your marketing even better.

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