12 September 2022


Surgeries That Can Change Your Life

We all have hang-ups, but what if those things getting in our way can't simply be fixed with a sunny disposition? Medical conditions can hold people back, whether a congenital disability that deters you from breathing correctly from your nose, excessive weight gain or poor eyesight.

Often, all that's standing in the way is surgery. Here are five different medical procedures that can change someone's life for the better.



People's reasons for getting Rhinoplasty—a procedure that changes the shape of one's nose—vary; most commonly, it's done to correct deformities, perhaps caused by injuries or congenital disabilities. However, it can also help improve breathing which could be obstructed or otherwise affected by irregularities in one's nasal passage. For someone who may have trouble sleeping, for example, or lives their life hindered by their perception of how people see their nose, this surgery could be a game-changer.

Weight loss surgery


Simply losing weight seems simple, but it's far less so in actual practice. Depending on one's weight, the most viable option could be to have weight-loss surgery, in which the digestive system's shape and overall function are altered. Aside from managing weight by limiting how much a person can physically eat, it also treats many additional conditions related to obesity, like diabetes and sleep apnea--on top of heart disease and stroke risk factors. The most common type of weight-loss surgery is sleeve gastrectomy, where the surgeon removes a sizeable portion of a patient's stomach to create a tubelike sleeve.



While weight loss surgery can change your life, it creates another issue: excess skin hanging from your belly and limbs. That's where panniculectomy, a sister procedure of sorts, removes the excess skin and fat, allowing one to more confidently show off the hard work that went into losing—and maintaining—next-level weight loss.



Being able to wake up and go through your everyday life without glasses or contact lenses is something that billions can't do; in fact, the Vision Council of America claims that about 75 percent of the worldwide adult population uses vision correction products. For those able to afford it, LASIK (laser refractive surgery to correct vision problems) can give them a new lease on life. It works by using a cutting laser to alter the shape of the clear tissue at the front of your eye. For most, the surgery is permanent, letting patients throw their glasses away for good.

Dental Implants


A smile can be worth a million dollars; conversely, a missing tooth can take away one's sparkle, especially in a visible area of your mouth. There are many reasons one can lose a tooth—from facial injury to disease; in any case, it can cause additional complications, like rapid bone loss, impaired speech or changes to chewing patterns. In almost every scenario, replacing a lost tooth with an implant can vastly improve a patient's quality of life and health.

While many of the potentially life-changing surgeries above may be covered in part by your work or provincial health insurance plans, there is always a chance that you don't qualify for coverage or enough to pay for the procedure in full.

LendCare can help you turn large medical bills into small manageable payments; don't let lack of coverage deter your ability to live your best life.Contact us today.

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